Why Invest in Ghana

Ghana is the preferred destination for a perfect blend of mineral resource potential, stable regulatory environment, favourable fiscal regime, and socially responsive mining in Africa.

#1 Producer of Gold in Africa

Currently, Ghana is the number one (1) gold producer, number three (3) manganese producer and number three (3) bauxite producer in Africa. Besides these traditional minerals, there are vast unexploited precious minerals, base metals, industrial minerals, and technology minerals.

Unique Geology and Mineralisation

There are vast resources especially in six (6) mineralisation belts namely Kibi-Winneba, Ashanti, Sefwi-Bekwai, Bui, Bole-Nangodi and Wa-Lawra. There are also basins in between these belts and are known as Birim, Kumasi (Asankrangwa belt), Sunyani and Maluwe basins. Again, there are industrial and technology minerals spread across other parts of the country.

Favourable Fiscal Regime for Mining

Ghana has one of the most favourable fiscal regimes for mining in the world. The tax laws and fiscal instruments for mining are industry-friendly and provide competitive incentives to the investor.

  1. competitive rates of royalty and corporate income tax
  2. transferability of capital
  3. concessionary rates and exemption on some imported mining inputs.

Highly skilled Mining Professionals

What benefits are there for the investor? Ghana has highly-skilled mining professionals who are among the most sought after in the global mining industry.